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Staying in the mountains in winter is fraught with risk. Avalanches, hypothermia, frostbite are just some of them. Good planning, risk management, and the necessary knowledge in the avalanche ABC are the basic skills of freeriders and skialpinists. Our instructors (TOPR rescuers, high-altitude ski instructors, SITN PZN instructors) will help you master these non-trivial issues

Lavalanche ABC

Avalanche training is intended for those who know about avalanches that they "are" and for those who would like to refresh their knowledge.
During the course we conduct practical and theoretical classes:
explore the opponent (slope, exhibition, forms of the slope)
winter hazards in the mountains (avalanches, hypothermia, frostbite)
basic rules of a safe freerider
support for avalanche ABC
proceedings in an avalanche accident (during and after the avalanche)
basics of linguistics
basic risk assessment methods
basic methods for assessing the quality of snow cover
Avalanche - practical use of the site evaluation
risk assessment in the field.

Planning and tactics of winter navigation in mountain

There are cources in the form of a trip on which we will teach you how to best plan and conduct a trip based on the 3 × 3 method, and the method of reduction. During the training, we will teach you the right technique for creating a trail, choosing a safe route, and the principles of topography.


Lawinowe ABC

Avalanche set


Use of climbing techniques

Moving in winter in difficult terrain, we must be prepared to overcome various obstacles (overhangs, steep slopes, too narrow carriages). Basic knowledge about the use of climbing-irons, ice ax, building positions in the snow, descent on a rope, auto-insurance or assistance to a less experienced partner is a necessary alphabet of a high-altitude skier. On these typical technical activities, you will learn this art under the supervision of our instructors.

First aid in winter conditions

In winter, the mountains are much less available than in the summer. Getting to the place of the accident takes the mountain rescue service even a few hours. That is why the ability to give first aid to the victims is so important. Often, simple rescue procedures help you save your health and sometimes life of a victim of unlucky events.

Classes in the form of workshops with medical rescuers and TOPR rescuers will help you to learn the basic algorithms of first aid in a hostile mountain environment.




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