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It is a real sense of freedom. Impeccable technique, appropriate style, all this while maintaining the necessary safety rules allows you to enjoy beautiful lines in all mountains and in almost all conditions.



Individual and group training

Stiff terms are nowadays not a solution for everyone, so we suggest: find a team (unless you have enough of your own company;), set a convenient date, contact us. The Freeride Academy team will create an offer especially for you.


From route to wild snow

Activities that will allow you to start the adventure with freeride and skitouring. Appropriately prepared program allows for a smooth and stressless transition from cross-country skiing to driving off designated routes. In addition to the technical aspects of driving in "wild" snow, the course we pay attention to safe movement in mountains. An avalanche course, tactics of preparing and conducting the skitura, as well as dealing with emergency situations constitute an integral part of the training.


Big Mountain

Big Mountain

There are expeditions for advanced skiers for whom neither big mountains nor steep downhill are not terrible. Big Mountain means speed, space and a really strong impressions.

Steep and Deep

Training for people for whom a steep slope and deep snow are not foreign. During the courses, we visit places where both will certainly be present. In addition, compulsory classes with avalanche ABC, tactics and technique of movement in the field exposed in the approach and exit will be carried out. Something for those who want to feel what's real Steep & Deep.



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