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It is a treat for people who like to spend time actively. It is a perfect combination of the two most popular activities in this area, via ferrat, and enduro / mtb cycling. At this camp you will try to overcome the most beautiful "steel roads", winning high dolomite cruises, learn the basics of safety on such routes, the basics of rescue, as well as the safe preparation and planning of a mountain trip. During cycling classes we will beat the most famous "carousels" in the world of Sellaronda, learn (or improve;) your cycling technique in Fassa Bike Park, enjoying the amazing views. All this under the watchful eye of Freeride Academy instructors.

off-trail skiing
downhill skier on the mountain slope

About us

We are passionate about the mountains. One day we decided to turn our hobby into something more. As a result of these efforts, the Freeride Academy was created. Our  aim is sharing with you our knowledge and experience gained during mountain hiking and skiing on the slopes. We have prepared a series of trainings for you with various levels of difficulty: we are able to meet the expectations of both experienced freeriders and skitourists, as well as beginners just starting adventure with unmarked trails. We also organize summer trips in the Tatra Mountains with a licensed Tatra Guides.

Michał “Misiek” Ślusarczyk

Michał “Misiek” Ślusarczyk

A native citizen of Zakopane, an avid freerider who, with the stubbornness of a maniac, searches the mountains for a perfect line. Licensed Tatra guide.



Szymek Styrczula-Maśniak


Born in Kościelisko, addicted to skiing since he remembers. He is willing to share his extensive knowledge about skitouring with all interested people.